Is the World Getting Sick Mentally?

I don’t really understand. I can’t really figure out what is happening to the world when it comes to mental health. This is just my opinion though and I am entitled to it. I am just baffled that why are so many people having mental issues. Has the world got more sicker mentally?

Yeah, I know the world was more connected now compared 20 years ago. We have social media now compared before. Happenings right now are easily being broadcasted seconds after it happened. Oh, we can live stream it by the way now.

Anyways, continuing my point, is the world getting sicker mentally now compared decades ago. According to, well maybe because of social media. We are more connected now, yet we are more alone. Now we are so glued with our screens that we don’t bother anymore to be connected in real life. We are more concerned of “virtual attention” than what we don’t bother to talk with the person on the other side of the table. That action alone makes me think is the world still sane. We are all guilty of doing it, even I myself have done it. And I realize that it is very wrong.

Well technology has shaped us differently. Change is great but it has other sides also. People are now craving for likes virtually now that they are willing to do anything. We are prone to cross the norms just to get those likes. Even husbands and wives don’t talk anymore, they are tied now to their screens.

Not to mention people going shooting spree. I am sure that is a mental issue. This phenomenon is unheard of before. I bet FPS games have a something to with it, I guess. Again, it is just my opinion. Some people are so immersed with their shooting games that they want to act out in real life. People can’t distinguish real life from virtual ones anymore. This why I say the world is getting sick mentally. Speaking of mental condition you can consult Meister Marriage Counseling Center if you are in need of counseling services.

But there is still hope from humanity, we are beings that are equipped with the ability to adapt. We can get through this.